What we do
GenderConsult offers a wide range of technical and strategic advisory services aimed at enhancing the performance of client organizations. We specialize in gender equality and women’s empowerment, protection and gender-based violence in humanitarian, transition and development situations.

We believe in an integrated approach that matches the response capacity of our clients to the needs and concerns of men, women, boys and girls on the ground. Through reliable research and analysis, problem identification and solving, and facilitation we help our clients capture, elaborate and successfully redeploy the learning experience with a view to improved responses.
Assessment & Planning. The first requirement of any gender development initiative is an understanding of the nature, scope and magnitude of the issues in a given context. Information gathering and analysis of primary sources is critical for the identification of the issues as experienced by women, men, boys and girls, and for successful programme responses. Without contextual analysis, the risk is simply too great that limited resources currently available for redressing gender imbalances be wasted, organizational efforts dispersed and the credibility of national or international action reduced. GenderConsult bridges the needs and concerns voiced by the people with organizational capacity and strategic planning. Ongoing technical support ensures knowledge transfer and capacity building within client organizations on innovative, wide-ranging data collection and analysis methods.

GenderConsult has conducted field assessments relating to peacetime and conflict situations for a wide variety of agencies and projects around the world, including Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Nepal, Nicaragua, Sudan (North Darfur), Uganda, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, among others.
Research & Analysis. Understanding gender-related issues as they are currently unfolding in different operational contexts is fundamental to effectively address them.
GenderConsult applies strong analytical skills to provide client organizations with a comprehensive overview of the problem so that they can address it with thorough comprehension.

Connecting theoretical research and analysis with programming and strategic planning, we ensure that organizations’ responses are considered in detail, pragmatic, and match the need on the ground.
Training Design & Delivery. To us, training people means multiplying the potential to understand, analyze and respond effectively to gender and protection-related issues and concerns across a wide range of contexts.
GenderConsult's expertise stems from over 12 years of creative training design and delivery in multicultural settings around the world. Our strength consists in the development of innovative customized approaches that fit the learning needs and capacity of our client organizations, as well as their mandate and operational environments.
Our training is ready-to-use and is meant to a wide audience ranging from UN agencies (at both the headquarters and field levels), NGOs, and government representatives, police and security officers, health care providers and others.
Women, girls, boys and men around the world hold different needs and capacities, and they often face different constraints and enjoy different opportunities. Unfortunately however, in many societies women’s voices still go unheard and their needs unaddressed.

GenderConsult engages in advocacy and communication activities with its clients and participates, alone or in collaboration with others, in sensitization campaigns to raise awareness on gender-based inequalities and gender-based violence that every day affect the lives of thousands of women and men around the world.